Sunday, 8 December 2013

23rd November, 2013 TAIWAN 9th Day.

We decided to make an early morning visit to the summit, so after a look around the accommodation block at dawn hoping for White-throated Laughingthrushes coming for moths at the lights, we drove up to the 50 Km and walked up a couple of hundred steps to the view point in beautiful calm sunny weather. No Pattotbills or Flamecrests, but on the way back down a party of House Swifts which included at least 3 Silverbacked Needletails which performed for around 30 minutes zooming around in the blue skies, and this more than compensated for not seeing any Parrotbills.

Wooden sculpture in the car park at the summit.

Views from the Viewpoint at the summit.

The summit lake with large goldfish.

Drove back to the accommodation block and we were just about to walk the forest trail behind the police station when I decided I had to return to our cottage with an upset stomach. This was well timed, as a party of Rusty Laughingthrushes had turned up right outside our cottage. We spent an hour photographing these, and decided during the last hour of daylight to visit the Office administration block and walk the tree-nursery trail. Although not too many birds seen, as we were working our way back to the car, a Taiwan Wren Babbler suddenly appeared and showed very well although too dark for photography. 

Wooden sculptures at the visitors centre

Evening view with low cloud forming in the valley, our final night
at the Dasyueshan Amnashan Forest Reserve.
Crested Goshawk 1
House Swift 30
Jay 1
Grey Treepie 10
Nutcracker 6
Green-backed Tit 2
Asian House Martin 15
Black-throated Tit 15
Yellow-bellied Bush Warbler 1
Taiwan Wren Babbler 1 .
White-whiskered Laughingthrush 6
Steere's Liocichla 8
Taiwan Barwing 2
Taiwan Yuhina 8
White's Thrush 2
Eye-browed Thrush 4
Brown-headed Thrush 1
Collared Bush Robin 1 male


19 Rusty Laughingthrushs arrived around the accommodation
block at the Dasyueshan Amnashan Forest Reserve.


Small Deer at the tree nursery as we were about to leave almost in the dark.