Monday, 9 December 2013

24th November, 2013 TAIWAN 10th Day

A day for moving on. Up before dawn for a quick visit to the nearby Tree-nursery at the back of the Office block about 10 minutes away, hoping for some more views of yesterday's Taiwan Wren Babbler and we managed to obtain some record shots of this extremely difficult bird to see yet alone to photograph. Also a nice little party of Olive-backed Pipits.

Moving on to the Firefly Lodge and we stopped off on the way down at trail 210 which has been closed off due to a land slide. Even so we walked along it for a short distance in case there were any White-throated Laughingthrushes without success, but nice views of some Silverbacked Needletails zooming overhead and 2 Crested Goshawks showed well. It was now time to set the Sat.Nav for our longish drive to the Firefly Lodge at Alishan. Mr Liu the owner wanted us there by 3.00 pm the latest to take us to his hide and after a difficult drive along very narrow bendy lanes we made it by 2.30 pm and was soon drinking green tea in his superb lodge, a bit of luxury at long last. Mr Liu, a superb gentleman and conservationist has created his own nature reserve and has erected a couple of hides for seeing the pheasants etc. He also took us out in the evening, to look for Mountain Scops Owl.

View taken from the closed 201 trail at Anmashan.

A bit of luxury - Firefly lodge with the private nature reserve
behind the lodge.

Swinhoe's Pheasant 7 2 male, 5 female
Crested Goshawk 2
Spotted Dove 6
Emerald Dove 1
Silver-backed Needletail 6
House Swift 20
Black Drongo 8
Jay 1
Grey Treepie 6
Green-backed Tit 2
Pacific Swallow 6
Asian House Martin 50
Himalayan Black Bulbul 10
Rufous-faced Warbler 2
Taiwan Wren Babbler 1
Rufous-capped Babbler 2
Taiwan Barwing 2
Dusky Fulvetta 4
Grey-cheeked Fulvetta 3
Taiwan Yuhina 3
Taiwan Whistling Thrush 1
White's Thrush 2
Eye-browed Thrush 30
Grey Wagtail 3
Olive-backed Pipit 5




Taiwan Wren Babbler behind the tree nursery at the office
block at Anmashan Forest Reserve.
Has to be one of the most difficult birds to see, yet alone to 
photograph it.


Two Crested Goshawks soaring over Trail 210 at Anmashan.




Swinhoe's Pheasants taken from the hide at Firefly Lodge.


Dusky Fulvetta - Four of these skulking birds were seen from the hide.

Taiwan Hill Partridges taken from the hide at
 Firefly Lodge at Alishan.

Squirrel seen from the hide.

Mountain Scops Owl near the Firefly Lodge at Alishan