Sunday, 8 December 2013

22nd November, 2013 TAIWAN 8th Day

Up and out at dawn and drove down to 23.5 Km for the stake-out of Swinhoe's Pheasants seeing a male on the route down. After an hour watching at the stake-out we then visited a nearby fruiting tree.

Views taken from the fruiting tree at Km 24 Km.

We then drove further down leaving the forest and visited an agricultural area by a river with plenty of secondary scrub, at around 12 Km. We then drove right back up to the summit at Km 50 and visited a number of sites and just at dusk stopping at Km 47 and the Mikado's were again performing and we stopped the car barely 10ft from them and they completely ignored us.


Views taken from Km50 the Summit


David at the summit still hoping for Golden Parrotbill in the bamboo

Swinhoe's Pheasant 9 (3 male, 6 female)
Mikado Pheasant 1 pair
Ashy Woodpigeon 1
Taiwan Barbet 3
Black-naped Monarch 2
Jay 4
Grey Treepie 20
Green-backed Tit 2
Yellow Tit 1
Black-throated Tit 20
Collared Finchbill 15
Himalayan Black Bulbul 2
Rufous-faced Warbler 1
White-whiskered Laughingthrush 1
Steere's Liocichla 6
Grey-cheeked Fulvetta 10
Taiwan Sibia 5
Taiwan Yuhina 6
Japanese White-eye 15
Taiwan Whistling Thrush 1
White's Thrush 4
Eye-browed Thrush 4
Brown-headed Thrush 1
Collared Bush Robin 1 male 1 female
White-tailed Robin 2 male
Vivid Niltava 2 male 1 female
White-rumped Munia 6


Taiwan Blue Whistling Thrush on the road down to Km 23.5 at dawn.


Females Swinhoe's Pheasants at Km 23.5

Young male Swinhoe's

Wow - The male walks right out of the forest.

Crosses the road to forage.

A party of 8 Swinhoe's Pheasants walked out of the forest
at Km 23.5, which included 1 adult male, 1 juv. male and
6 females. They fed for around 20 minutes, before walking 
back into the forest. Absolutely mind-blowing!!




Adult male White-tailed Robin at Km 23.5

Black-throated Tit near the fruiting tree at Km 24

Male Vivid Niltava at the fruiting tree at Km24
The Taiwan bird has a grey throat and paler underparts
and probably is a distinct specie.


Taiwan Yuhina at the fruiting tree.

 Yellow Tit - Just 1 came along with a flock of birds near
the fruiting tree at Km 24. It would pick a branch to sit
behind from me. Just my luck!!

Needless to say it flew before it moved along the branch

Yellow Tit taken by DC who was stood almost next to me.

Green-backed Tit  at Km 24


Grey Treepie at the agricultural area at 12 Km.

White-rumped Munia - a small party at the agricultural area at 12 Km.

Butterfly at the agricultural area at 12 Km.


On our drive back towards the summit, a well marked White's
Thrush was found feeding along the side of the road.

Male Mikado Pheasant at Km 47 showing from down to 10 ft
from our car virtually in the dark with the camera set on
6,400 ISO.

Squirrel feeding along the road side.