Wednesday, 10 September 2014

10th September, 2014 Arlington Reservoir

On our way to Beachy at dawn, a Little Owl flew out over the road in Spatham Lane and nearly collided with our car, a lucky escape.

Received a telephone call from Roger Haggar to inform us that an Osprey was perched on a small tree on the edge of the reservoir.

We called in on our way home from Beachy and soon met up with Roger, Bob and Keith who were still watching the Osprey. Superb views of it perched low down through the scope, and after about 20 minutes a second Osprey came flying over us for several minutes before departing.

The perched Osprey then took off and flew directly towards us, where it soared around above us, at one time diving into the reservoir but was unsuccessful. It must have spent a good ten minutes flying around before also departing.





Osprey at Arlington Reservoir.