Thursday, 19 June 2014

19th June, 2014 Medmerry

We decided to make our first visit to Medmerry and it just so happened that as we arrived the Black-winged Stilts were in the process of calling their three chicks from the pools where they have bred, through the fence and across the track out to the large area to the south. Surprising how quick it all happened, and did the chicks run fast with the two adults calling them along.
I would like to thank Mick Davis for his kind assistance, and the other volunteer wardens for a superb job for seeing the Black-winged Stilt family safely through to this stage, and we can only hope now that luck is on the side of the Stilts and they avoid all the dreaded predators.
We also saw a number of Avocets, 2 Little Ringed Plovers, 1 Little Tern and 1 Cuckoo.

Adult Black-winged Stilt bring the chicks  away from the nest site.

Moving the chicks through the fence

Across the dirt track

One of the three chicks can just be seen on the right being led
by the adult.

One of the three chicks

The adults were also flying above them as they moved.



Avocets at Medmerry