Friday, 21 February 2014

21st February, 2014 Steyning Sewage Farm area.

Visited Steyning Sewage Farm area in fine sunny but breezy weather. The Little Gull was just sat in the field and although the Black-headed Gulls were flying around the Little Gull didn't move. It was on the back pool and too far to photograph and may be ill.

Up to 4 Chiffchaffs were seen opposite the entrance to the Sewage Farm and a  tristis type Chiffchaff responded to Siberian Chiffchaff tape play-back, but was very active and just showed for a few minutes.
Also 2 Long-tailed Tits were present.

Up to 4 Chiffchaffs seen in the sunshine at Steyning.

Tristis type Chiffchaff in good sunlight at Steyning

Long-tailed Tit at Steyning.