Friday, 14 February 2014

14th February, 2014 Saltwood, Near Hythe.

Decided to twitch the probable Chinese Pond Heron with David, Matt and John. Arrived at dawn and after 5 minutes it flew in and landed quite high in the trees. Good telescope views for 10 minutes and just as I was getting my camera out a cyclist came along and unfortunately the Heron flew and landed further away. After a further 10 minutes it again flew and landed even further away and it then flew again and was lost to view. It was very wary and flighty, but showed well just after dawn.
Lets hope it stays and obtain its summer plumage.

Probable Chinese Pond Heron near Hythe
Taken by Martin Casemore on the 11th.

Kent 19 Feb 2014 g

Taken on the 19th by an unknown Hythe resident.