Saturday, 18 May 2013

18th May, 2013 Margate & Reculver

With late news last night of a Dusky Thrush for the last three days at Margate cemetery, a quick change of plan and we drove straight to Margate, arrived at 07.30 and as we walked through the gate, the Dusky Thrush was sat out in the open on top of a tree. It then moved around a fair amount although mainly kept to the same half of the cemetery although quite a lot of the time it was out of view. We did obtain several prolong views and left very satisfied as the last twitchable Dusky Thrush was way back in 1959.

We then moved onto nearby Reculver where we had fairly distant but long views, excellent through the scope, of a very enjoyable ring-tailed Montagu's Harrier, probably a 1st S., one of my favourite birds. Also adult male Marsh Harrier and Short-eared Owl were also present hunting over the fields.


Female type Dusky Thrush, Margate cemetery.

Montagu's Harrier at Reculver taken by Marc Heath