Sunday, 18 November 2012

18th October, 2012 Ferry to Hachicho-jima

Had a reasonable night sleep on the floor on the ferry. We went out on deck at dawn to an overcast day and
the ferry made a few stops at several of the Izu Islands and we then moved onto Hachicho-jima . We were able to land here for around 30 minutes and made a quick dash to try to find a Izu Thrush but without success. We did find an Intermediate Egret.
Back on board the ferry, we started on the return trip to Tokyo. Unfortunately, it now started to rain heavily and this lasted virtually all day. We arrived back in Tokyo around 8.00 pm and still heavy rain. Went for a meal and also met up with Chris Collins who had kindly made all the arrangements for our trip to Heguar. Caught the train to the airport where we had to spend several hours before our flight left around 06.00 am.

Streaked Shearwater Seen all day long probably in excess of 10,000
Providence Petrel 2
Brown Booby 3
Pomarine Skua 3
Rufous Turtle Dove 1
Intermediate Egret 1
Swallow 10
Bull-headed Shrike 1
Brown-eared Bulbul 10

Streaked Shearwaters - 10,000+ were seen today

Bull Headed Shrike on Hachicho-jima