Friday, 17 June 2011

16th June, 2011 Blackdog & Ythan Estuary

Long twitch to Aberdeen with David to look for the American White Winged Scoter and we also had time to visit the Ythan Estuary. David managed to obtain some pictures by digi-scoping.
The following were seen:

Blackdog, near Aberdeen:

Red Throated Diver 10
Eider c500
Common Scoter c1200
Velvet Scoter c120
Surf Scoter 1 adult drake
American White Winged Scoter 1 imm. drake.
Arctic Skua 2
Razorbill 6
Guillemot 40

Bottle Nosed Dolphins 5+
Heath Spotted Orchids on the golf course

Immature drake American White Winged Scoter. Compared
with the 120 + Velvets seen, it had the distinctive head shape
with the bill with the bulge at the base, less white behind the eye,
and more of a brownish plumage with a darker head, unlike the
overall blackish appearance of the imm. drake Velvets seen.
It also had a distinctive profile by holding its neck at a forward
angle as shown in the pictures.

Ythan Estuary:
King Eider 1 adult drake
Eider hundreds
Little Gull 4
Little Tern 1
Peregrine 1

Dunes at the mouth of the Ythan Estuary

Drake King Eider with Common Eider.

A very white looking northern type Willow Warbler singing & holding territory.

Northern Marsh Orchid.