Friday, 14 February 2020

14th February, 2020 Beachy Head Sunny, calm and clear SW 1-2

A fine calm morning and we sea-watched from 07.30 to 08.45.  Very little on the move, although at 08.10, Doreen picked out a large diver around 100 metres in the sky heading directly over us. We were quickly able to i/d it as a winter plumage Great-Northern as it flew over our heads (pity I had left my camera in the car) it then continued moving E and appeared to be heading over the cliffs,  cutting off the Beachy Headland.
Great Northern's are some-what scarce at Beachy with the last one being recorded on the 10.4. 2014.
The only other birds seen this morning were 2 Gannets E and 7 Black-headed Gulls E.