Sunday, 10 June 2018

10th June, 2018 Park Corner Reserve and Rowland Wood.

After a difficult 4 weeks, Doreen and myself managed to get back out into the field and we decided a couple of hours to spend at the Park Corner Reserve. Nice and flat and not to far to walk.

Not too many butterflies were seen and had my usual I/d problems with the dragonflies, fingers crossed I may have got them right although if not please e-mail me. Only a few birds seen.

Common Redstart 1
Tree Creeper 1
Garden Warbler 1 singing
Blackcap 1 singing
Chiffchaff 5

Small Heath Butterfly 2
Meadow Brown 3
Common Blue 10
Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary 1

White-legged Damselfly 10
Four-spotted Chaser 1
Emperor Dragonfly 3
Common Blue Damselfly 1

I was surprise to see the White-legged Damselflies as I have only seen them once before and that was around 15 years ago, and I didn't realise they were present here.

Four-spotted Chaser

Common Blue Damselfly

White-legged Damselflies

Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary