Tuesday, 2 May 2017

2nd May, 2017 Beachy Head Thin cloud cool E vearing W 2

We covered Birling lane, Shooters Bottom, Old Trapping Area, Hotel Garden, Icky Ridge, Cliff Path and Belle Tout wood. We met up with RB, and LP was birding in the Whitbread Hollow area. Just the odd migrants seen.

Canada Goose 1 over Birling
Collared Dove 2 over Birling
Swallow 8
Wheatear 1
Song Thrush 3
Lesser Whitethroat 2 Cliff Path
Common Whitethroat 15
Blackcap 5
Chiffchaff 7
Willow Warbler 2
Raven 1

Wall Butterfly 10
Painted Lady 1

Weasel 1

Canada Goose over Birling-not sure why!!

Swallow at Birling

Interesting looking Chiffchaff in the plantation
at Birling, possible Siberian but was soon lost
and didn't call.

Whitethroat numbers are slowly increasing

Wall Butterfly