Thursday, 19 January 2017

19th January, 2017 Lewes and Newhaven Harbour

We visited Tesco's in Lewes, and whilst Doreen went shopping, I checked the area for Waxwings (a previous good site) and although several bushes still had berries, no sign of any Waxwings yet. Along the river the Goosander swam past and from the amount of white showing on the wings it would appear to be an immature drake.
As the tide was now coming in, we drove to Newhaven Harbour and although a number gulls were on the beach no sign of any white-winged or Caspian Gulls. A Kingfisher flew across the harbour and landed at the far end of the eastern pier.

Immature drake Goosander on the River Ouse at Lewes,
showing almost no white on the chin, large white
patches on the wings and pale areas on the flanks.