Wednesday, 25 May 2016

24th May, 2016 Amberley

Dave Sadler kindly telephoned us yesterday to inform us that he had seen several Club-tail Dragonflies near Amberley, so we decided to give the area a visit this morning in the hope we would connect with the emergence of this dragonfly, as although we have looked for it at different sites in previous years we have yet to be successful.

We arrived at the site at 10.20 am and left at 12.30 am. Although nice and sunny weather there was a cool N wind blowing down the river and although we saw small number of dragonflies and damselflies, unfortunately we did not see any Club-tails. It certainly looked an excellent area and maybe the cool N wind prevented any further emergence today. Many thanks Dave for your telephone message.

A beautiful picturesque site.

Male Four Spotted Chaser gave us an early hope for Club-tails

Doreen enjoying the visit, at least it gets us away from Beachy.

Several Banded Demoiselles were seen