Tuesday, 29 September 2015

29th September, 2015 Beachy Head Fine and clear NE 4 increasing to 5-6

Yet another clear sunny morning but with a strong NE wind which made birding difficult. We covered the main headland sites with the exception of the Belle Tout loop. Again very few night migrants present in the area but the diurnal passage was reasonable. Highlight was a Continental Coal Tit for 10 minutes at Birling.

Grey Heron 1 walking along one of the downland tracks.
Snipe heard calling
Merlin 1 male
Swallow c300
Meadow Pipit 80 (60 E)
Pied Wagtail 24 E
Robin 15
Whinchat 1
Common Whitethroat 1
Blackcap 2
Chiffchaff 8
Goldcrest 7
Firecrest 2
Continental Coal Tit 1(race: ater) at Birling 07.05-07.15 am
Raven 3
Goldfinch 150
Siskin 25 E with others heard
Redpoll 2
Linnet 80 E

Clouded Yellow 1 very pale variety probably of the race helice.
Common Darter 2

After yesterday's blood red moon today it was
super moon at dawn at Birling


Continental Coat Tit belonging to the race ater at Birling Gap.
Note the bluish-grey back lacking the olive-toned of the British
race britannicus. This bird also appeared quite wet.
Many thousands have been recorded moving in Eastern Europe,
this Autumn, so hopefully more will be seen in Sussex.


Male type Merlin near the Old Trapping Area

Grey Heron taking a walk along a downland footpath.

Common Darter at Belle Tout

Spitfire over Shooters Bottom