Tuesday, 22 September 2015

22nd September,2015 Dungeness

With news of an Empidonax Flycatcher showing at Dungeness, we decided to try to see this even thou the weather was awful. Luckily the bird showed reasonably well in a garden, but then the rain closed in and just the odd brief views over the next 90 minutes but then the rain eased off and it then showed well allowing for the following pictures to be taken.

Only two Alder Flycatchers has been identified in the UK although Iceland have claimed one or two other species. Other than Alder, Yellow-bellied and Acadian Flycatchers are both possible vagrants to the UK. At the present time this flycatcher is considered by others to be a probable Acadian but it is early days and we must wait to see how the identification is sorted.

The following pictures were taken in generally poor light with drizzle.

Good news: .DNA analysis confirms Dungeness bird was 100% Acadian Flycatcher