Saturday, 8 August 2015

8th August, 2015 Beachy Head and Burgess Hill Sunny periods but with a cool breeze. N-E 3-4

Arrived at Birling to a strong N-E cool breeze and we covered Birling lane, Shooters Bottom, the Old Trapping Area and Belle Tout wood but only a few migrants present on the headland with the highlight being a Short-eared Owl.

Kestrel 2
Dunlin 3 flushed from a grassy field at the top of the lane at Birling
Short-eared Owl at Shooters Bottom. Our earliest Autumn record with the previous earliest record was on the 27th August, 2006, although one was also seen on the 22nd June, 1993.
Swallow 30
House Martin 2
Pied Wagtail 4
Wheatear 3
Common Whitethroat 20
Willow Warbler 21

Wheatear along the road

Greyish looking Willow Warbler in the Old Trapping Area



Short-eared Owl at Shooters Bottom

We then visited a couple of sites around Burgess Hill looking for Brown Hairstreaks and at long last found two flying and settling around the top of an Ash tree (a long time coming butterfly tick for me and only about 3 miles from home).
Also Silver Washed Fritillary, Commas, Brown Hawker dragonfly and several Demoiselles.

(taken by David Cooper)
Record shot ofoneof the Brown Hairstreaks near Burgess Hill

Silver-washed Fritillary


Male and female Beautiful Demoiselle