Tuesday, 9 June 2015

9th June, 2015 Church Norton

With news breaking at 1.00 pm of a Hudsonian Whimbrel showing at Church Norton, found by George Kennard, and is the first for Sussex,and the 14th for Britain and Ireland. We quickly decided to twitch it, and by 2.30 we were watching it with about 40 other birders. To confuse matters there were four Eurasian Whimbrels also present, but it was soon sorted from these and good views both on the ground and in flight were obtained.
Excellent find by George, and many thanks for the phone call Matt, and both a County and British and Irish tick for myself. One Cuckoo also seen.

(bottom 2 pictures digi-scoped by DC)
When compared with a Eurasian Whimbrel, it was larger with a 
longer bill with a pinkish base to the lower mandible, paler and 
bolder head pattern with a good crown stripe.


In flight the all brown barred rump and tail coverts were obvious.

The axillaries and under-wings, were well barred with warm 
colouring, while the Eurasian Whimbrel is much paler.

Hudsonain Whimbrel at Church Norton.

(digi-scoped by DC)
Whimbrel at Church Norton for comparision