Tuesday, 10 December 2013

26th November, 2013 TAIWAN 12th Day

Left the tourist hotel early and drove back to Alishan to check on the fruiting trees along the roadside. No sign of any Island Thrushes but 65 Eye-browed Thrushes were seen. An Indian Black Eagle put on a superb performance hunting for around 20 minutes directly below us.

We then made the long journey back to Wushe where we spent the evening along the road near the Km 4 marker with a pair of Siberian Rubythroats proving the highlight. Booked back into the Yellow lodge in Wushe.

Great White Egret 1
Indian Black Eagle 1
Oriental Turtle Dove 25
Spotted Dove 6
Taiwan Barbet 2
Grey-headed Woodpecker 1
Grey-chinned Minivet 2
Black Drongo 6
Grey Treepie 2
Large-billed Crow 4
Green-backed Tit 1
Pacific Swallow 30
Asian House Martin 2
Black-throated Tit 8
Striated Prinia 1
Plain Prinia 1
Collared Finchbill 15
Chinese Bulbul 15
Himalayan Black Bulbul 10
Yellow-browed Warbler heard only
Taiwan Scimitar Babbler 1
Rufous-capped Babbler 4
Steere's Liocichla 4
Taiwan Barwing 1
Grey-cheeked Fulvetta 2
Taiwan Sibia 12
Taiwan Yuhina 6
Nuthatch 2
Common Myna 2
Taiwan Whistling Thrush 5
White's Thrush 2
Eye-browed Thrush 65
Brown-headed Thrush 1
Siberian Rubythroat 2 (1 male 1 female)
Daurian Redstart 6
Plumbeous Redstart 1
White-tailed Robin 1 male
Blue Rock Thrush 1 male 1 female
Vivid Niltava 6
Tree Sparrow 50
Grey Wagtail 3
White Wagtail 6
Olive-backed Pipit 2
Brown Bullfinch 3
Black-faced Bunting 4

Taiwan Blue Whistling Thrush carrying a long black worm like 
creature near the fruiting trees at Alishan.


 Adult Indian Black Eagle near Alishan

A surprise find was a Grey-headed Woodpecker near 
Firefly lodge.



Black-faced Bunting behind our lodge at Wushe.

Blue Rock Thrush at Wushe

Orinetal Turtle Doves at Km 4 near Wushe

Black-throated Tit at Km 4 near Wushe.

Collared Finchbill at Km 4 near Wushe



White-tailed Robin at Km 4 near Wushe.