Wednesday, 4 December 2013

18th November, 2013 TAIWAN Day 4

Another bad night due to jet-lag, although we now couldn't hear any traffic noise so at least that was an improvement. Another fine clear calm morning and out at dawn for another visit to the Blue Gate trail and we walked the entire trail and also went onto the Continuation trail. Highlights were  2-3 Taiwan Shortwings which were extremely difficult to see, but were heard singing and with tape play-back they at long last gave them selves up, but proved impossible to photograph. Also heard singing but untickable views as it shot across the trail was a Taiwan Wren-Babbler, at least we know they are here. Also a flock of 25+ Barwings very active, nice views also of an adult male White-backed Woodpecker and 2 superb looking Yellow Tits. So several new ticks for us.

Start of the Blue Gate trail

Views from the Blue Gate trail.

During the afternoon we drove back down the road to below Wushe and visited Chun Yang Farm where we spent the afternoon until dusk. This is a farm with tea plantations which has experimented in growing tea amongst lowland scrub allowing birds, plants etc to thrive. They encourage visitors and have made an excellent walking trial around the farm. Good numbers of birds were present and in places the lowland scrub became very dense. An interesting area and good views of our first Collared Finchbills a real chunky looking bird. Also good views of several White-eared Sibias.

Colony of Spiders with their webs at Chun Yang Farm

Taiwan Hill Partridge 1 along the Blue Gate trail
Chinese Bamboo Partridge heard around the farm, but not seen.
Ashy Woodpigeon 1
Oriental Turtle Dove 3
House Swift 2
Taiwan Barbet 1
White-backed Woodpecker 1 adult male along the Blue Gate trail.
Bronzed Drongo 1
Grey Treepie 2
Green-backed Tit 3
Yellow Tit 2 along the Blue Gate trail
Pacific Swallow 30
Asian House Martin 40
Black-throated Tit 12
Collared Finchbill 14 at Chun Yang Farm.
Chinese Bulbul 10
Yellow-bellied Bush Warbler 3
Rufous-faced Warbler 2 along the Blue Gate trail
Rufous-capped Babbler 1
Steere's Liocichla 12
Taiwan Barwing A superb flock of at least 25 birds at the start of the Continuation trail.
Grey-cheeked Fulvetta 40
Taiwan Sibia 16
Taiwan Yuhina 12
Eye-browed Thrush 2
Taiwan Shortwing 2-3 along the Blue Gate trail. Very shy and secretive and difficult to see.
Daurian Redstart 1 female
Plain Flowerpecker 2
Brown Bullfinch Party of 5 along the Blue Gate trail.


Taiwan Yuhina along the Blue Gate trail.



Taiwan Barwing - Flock of 25 seen along the Continuation trail.

Adult male Eye-browed Thrush at Chun Yang Farm

White-eared Sibia at Chun Yang Farm



Collared Finchbill - A total of  14 were seen at Chun Yang Farm.