Tuesday, 3 December 2013

16th November, 2013 TAIWAN 2nd Day

Out at dawn, and spent all morning in the Huison Forest Reserve, first covered the area around the accommodation block which was extremely successful with a party of Blue Magpies coming into the lights around the block looking for moths. Also 2 extremely confiding Malayan Night Herons feeding on the grassy lawns. We then covered a number of other areas until mid-day when we then left for the 2 hour drive to Wushe which is situated at a higher altitude, and after booking into a home-stay type accommodation we had time to visit the Beidongyueshan forest trail, with the highlight being 2 superb male Swinhoe's Pheasants, White's Thrush and a White-tailed Robin.
En-route we visited a Chinese temple.

Three views taken in the Huison Forest Reserve

Leaving the entrance gate at the Huison Forest Reserve

Chinese Temple

Swinhoe's Pheasant 2 males and 1 female along the Beidongyueshan forest trail.
Malayan Night Heron 2 in the Huison Forest Reserve
Eastern Cattle Egret 6
Common Sandpiper 1
Spotted Dove 2
Taiwan Barbet 1
Grey-chinned Minivet 6
Bronzed Drongo 8
Taiwan Blue Magpie 7 around the accommodation block at Huisun Forest Reserve.
Grey Treepie 4
Large-billed Crow 3
Green-backed Tit 1
Varied Tit 1 in the Huison Forest Reserve
Pacific Swallow 20
Black-throated Tit 3
Chinese Bulbul 3
Himalayan Black Bulbul 20
Yellow-browed Warbler 1
Steere's Liocichla 3
Grey-cheeked Fulvetta 15
White's Thrush 1 along the Beidongyueshan forest trail.
Daurian Redstart 2
Plumbeous Redstart 1
White-tailed Robin 1 superb male displaying along the Beidongyueshan forest trail.


Taiwan Blue Magpies at Huison Forest Reserve during the early
morning with high ISO's.

Grey Treepies in the Huison Forest Reserve, again early morning.

JFC photographing the Malayan Night Heron (DC)

Adult Malayan Night Heron at Huison Forest Reserve
(all the flight pictures taken by DC)

The second Malayan Night Heron


Grey-cheeked Fulvetta at the Huison Forest Reserve

Bronzed Drongo at the Huison Forest Reserve (DC)

Varied Tit in the Huison Forest Reserve

As we were driving out of the Forest Reserve, a Blue Magpie was sat high up near their roost site.