Friday, 21 June 2013

Arrived at Beachy Head to a thick damp mist with windy conditions. We therefore decided to visit the Downs near Eastbourne to check out the Orchids with a view of trying to see the Common Spotted x Frog Orchid. After a successful search we returned to Beachy but conditions were much the same and after a quick search for more orchids we decided to call it a day.

Common Spotted Orchids - many seen on the Downs above Eastbourne
Frog Orchid 16 found in a brief search.
Common Spotted x Frog Orchid hybrid 1 found near the Frog orchids.
Common Twayblade Just 1
Lady Orchid 1 completely over but still standing at Beachy
Bee Orchid - pale variety 6 found in a brief search at Beachy
Lizard Orchid - No sign of the single flower at the usual site at Beachy 

Common Spotted Orchids - very common on the Downs

Various Frog Orchids - we counted 16 in a small area on the Downs.

Hybrid Common Spotted x Frog Orchid growing close to the
other Frog Orchids. First for Sussex and found by Bob Eade.

Twayblade just one seen on the Downs.

Bee Orchid - pale variant at Beachy