Tuesday, 23 April 2013

13th April, 2013 Cyprus Day 4

Arrived at Cape Greco but several hunters with a pack of dogs were all over the area by the compound, so we quickly drove along to the picnic site by the church, and spent 2 hours exploring this area of bushes which were far more extensive than the compound area. Weather was now becoming hot, so we visited the pines and then drove out to the Sewage Farm although we found this area very difficult to work.
Back to the villa for lunch, and then re-visited Cape Greco as the hunters had now gone, and then back to the picnic site and with the wind increasing we tried a short evening sea-watch but with no success.

Marsh Harrier 2
Kestrel 5
Chukar 12
Collared Dove
Turtle Dove 4+
Cuckoo 1
Hoopoe 4
Short-toed Lark 3
Crested Lark 50
Swallow 60
Red-rumped Swallow 1-2
House Martin 6
Tree Pipit 2
Flava Wagtail 1
Nightingale 2-3
Common Redstart 1 female
Northern Wheatear 6
Cyprus Wheatear 2
Eastern Black-eared Wheatear 4
Eastern Olivaceous Warbler 1
Spectacled Warbler 20
Cyprus Warbler 2 males
Lesser Whitethroat 8
Whitethroat 2
Blackcap 2
Chiffchaff 1
Collared Flycatcher 2
Great Tit 2
Red-backed Shrike 2 males
Woodchat Shrike 1
Masked Shrike 1 male
House Sparrow
Spanish Sparrow 1

Doreen enjoying the walk from the Natural Bridge to the picnic site.

Looking across the wheat fields at Cape Greco.

Looking back from the Cape to the picnic site,

An early morning Woodchat at the Natural Bridge.

 Female Cyprus Pied Wheatear at the Natural Bridge.

Two male Cyprus Warblers were singing near the picnic site. 



Female Black-eared Wheatear performing well around the picnic site. 

The Woodchat was still showing well at the Natural Bridge.

(Taken by David Cooper)


Chiffchaff belonging to the race abietinus in the pines. It was calling
a lot and very distinctive from our Chiffchaff.

Lizard near the sewage farm

Chameleon near the sewage farm.

Hoopoe  back at Cape Greco.

Male Red-backed Shrike with lizard at Cape Greco.
(You forget just how good looking a Red-backed Shrike is)

Sunset over the Mediterranean