Saturday, 26 January 2013

26th January, 2013 Pett Level and Scotney

We first visited Pett Level on a fine sunny day and recorded the following:
80 White-fronted Geese (one with green neck-collar J58).
90 Brent Geese
2 Pink-foooted Geese
1 Bar-headed Goose
1 Kingfisher
1 Barn Owl
2 Marsh Harriers
2 Buzzards
2,000+ Wigeon
8 Pintail
24 Red-throated Divers W in 5 minutes
Good numbers of Fieldfares and Redwings

We then moved onto Scotney:
12 Berwick Swans with Mute Swans in the fields to the west of Scotney.
1 Common Crane in the fields to the west of Scotney.
3 Marsh Harriers
1 Tundra Bean Goose with Grey-lags
1,000 Wigeon
16 White-fronted Geese flew W over Scotney.
c300 Grey-lag Geese, one had white colour ring VP3.

Barn Owl at Carters Flood

Pink-footed Goose at Pett Level

White-fronted Goose with green neck collar J58 at Pett Level.

It was ringed at Veere, Oude Veerseeg, Netherlands on 22/12/2005. It has been seen subsequently as follows:
Winter 2005/06 Netherlands 22/12/05 – 16/2/06
Winter 2006/07 Netherlands, Belgium and back to the Netherlands 15/10/06 – 28/1/07
Winter 2007/08 Germany and the Netherlands 22/10/07 – 16/1/08
Winter 2008/09 Netherlands 3/1/09
Winter 2009/10 Netherlands and Belgium 31/10/09 – 7/2/10 Spring 2010 Estonia 31/3/10
Winter 2010/11 Netherlands, Belgium and back to the Netherlands 7/11/10 – 7/3/11
Winter 2011/12 Germany, Netherlands and Belgium 16/10/11 – 10/2/12
Winter 2012/13 Netherlands 14/10/12 – 31/12/12 and Pett Level UK 26/1/13 – 28/1/13

Adult and Juv. Berwick Swans at Scotney.

A very distant Common Crane at Scotney

Grey-lag with white ring V3P at Scotney
Roger Taylor has kindly informed us that it was ringed at Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve
 on 14/6/09 and has been subsequently seen at Dungeness on 8/10/09 and
 at Tenterden on 5/7/10.


Adult Tundra Bean Goose at Scotney


Barnacles at Scotney



White-fronted Geese over Scotney