Thursday, 21 June 2012

20 June 2012 Kent and Eastbourne Downs

We visited several of the The Kent Wildlife Reserves to look for some of their orchids and we then returned to the Eastbourne Downs and Beachy Head during the evening. A fabulous day and seeing no fewer than 12 species of orchids also saw a Tree Bee in Kent and a Hobby at Park Gate.


Park Gate Down Orchid site huge numbers of Fragrant Orchids with 20+ Monkey Orchids
Greater Butterfly Orchids and good numbers of Musk Orchids

Fragrant Orchids

10 Man Orchids were seen along the road verges



Just a single Lesser Butterfly Orchid was seen on a wooded bank

Late Spider Orchids


Up to 15 Bird Nest Orchids were found in some Beech woodlands




Just one Lady Orchid found

Pyramidal Orchids were just coming out into flower.

Probably a thousand Twayblades were seen

Twenty plus Monkey Orchids were seen.


50 or so Musk Orchids were found at Park Gate


Greater Butterfly Orchid at Park Gate

Doreen photographing the Greater Butterfly Orchid

Some nice roses at Park Gate (DRC)

In the evening we again visited the Eastbourne Downs for the
Frog Orchids

Pale Variety of Bee Orchid with 40 seen at Beachy Head (DC)