Monday, 12 September 2011

11th September, 2011 Weir Wood Reservoir.

Went to Weir Wood Reservoir to have a look at the possible Red Necked Stint which had been reported earlier.
Soon located it, which proved to be in adult but in transitional plumage from summer to winter it was feeding distantly with 5 juvenile type Little Stints. In good lighting conditions, using my 60X zoom and watched it for around an hour. On several occasions it flew with the Little Stints and other waders but was unfortunately was always distant, when it re-landed.
In size it was just slightly smaller than the Little Stints, but appeared identical in jizz. At one time it stood in exactly same pose as a Little Stint, and both in the telescope together, and in this pose both appeared identical in jizz to one another. It had quite a stunted appearance at the rear and did not have an attenuated appearance. In direct comparison with the Little Stints, the legs were just slightly shorter. The bill was extremely fine, slightly decurved and did not appear to get any broader at the base. I carefully examined this at various angles to satisfy myself on this point. The bill I considered to be very similar to the Little Stints although may be slightly finer.
Had a nice orangery flush on the breast formed a pectoral band, with a small but distinctive white throat. At times it appeared to have some fine streaking beneath the pectoral band, but this was very difficult to see from the distance we were watching from. Rest of underparts were white. The orangery flush extended onto the sides of the face and nape and there appeared to be a whitish triangle shape patch directly above the bill, pale supercillium and whitish lores/cheeks.
The rest of the upper-parts were well spangled with rufous, black and white and there appeared to be an area of quite large black patches on the scapulars. It lacked the white V on its back which were clearly visible on the juv. Little Stints. The soft parts were black.

Needless to say, didn't spend long looking at other birds present, but did see the following:
Hobby 1
Little Stint 5
Green Sandpiper 4
Wood Sandpiper 1
Greenshank 3