Saturday, 9 July 2011

9th July, 2011. Wood Walton Fen, Cambs.

Visited Wood Walton Fen N.R. with Doreen, Terry & Jill.
6 Marsh Harriers including 3 young birds, 2 Hobbies, and Terry & Doreen could hear 2 singing Grasshopper Warblers.

Good numbers of Butterflies, Damselflies, and also approx 10 Brown Hawkers although these were very flighty and did not settle near us.

Mute Swan family

Emerald Damselfly

Male Common Blue Damselfly

Male Blue Tailed Damselfly

Female Blue Tailed Damselfly

Male Azure Damselfly

Female Common Darter

Female Ruddy Darter.

Male Ruddy Darter

Darter Sp. - Although similar in appearance to Ruddy/Common
Darter, it was in fact slightly smaller and slimmer with a much
different flight being much weaker and more like a Demoiselle.
Also in flight, the whole of the wings glistened with a yellowish/gold,
and may possibly have been a Yellow Winged Darter.
Any comments would be welcomed.

Ringlet with bee sp.

Speckled Wood

Large Skipper.