Friday, 24 December 2010

24th December, 2010 Lewes, Beachy, Princes Park Lake

As we drove through Lewes 3 Waxwings flew across the road and landed in some trees and another 4 also flew over as we were leaving. We then visited Beachy Head and covered a number of sites on the Headland with the highlight being 2 Common Cranes which flew over Cornish Farm and then circled over Belle Tout before heading out SE. Only our second record of Common Cranes at Beachy since 1960.

We then moved onto Pevensey Levels stopping at Princes Park Lake where we had 1 red head Smew and 4 Scaup (2 immature drakes and 2 female types). We drove across Pevensey Levels but just a few Fieldfares were see. On the drive home, we again stopped off in Lewes, but plenty of berry bushes but no sign of the Waxwings.

2 Common Cranes over Beachy Head

Smew on Princes Park Pond, Eastbourne

Scaup on Princes Park Pond, Eastbourne