Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Panama Trip - Birds, Mammals Views etc.

Terry at the open restaurant at the Canopy Lodge.

JFC at the open restaurant at the Canopy Lodge.

Taken from the Canopy Lodge

The Canopy Tower

Sunrise from the Canopy Tower

View from the Canopy Tower

View from the Canopy Tower of Panama City

View of Canal Bridge from the Canopy Tower

View taken along Pipeline Road.

Panama Canal

Terry & JFC resting along one of the forest trails.

Zone Tailed Hawk

Yellow Tyrannule
Yellow Tailed Oriole

Yellow Margined Flycatcher

Yellow Faced Grassquit

Yellow Headed Caracara (juvenile)

Yellow Headed Caracara (adult)

Yellow Backed Oriole

White Whiskered Puffbird

White Vented Hummingbird

White Tipped Dove

White Throated Crakes

White Throated Spadebill

White Tailed Trogan

White Ruffed Mannakin

White Necked Puffbird

White Hawk

Western Slaty Ant Shrike (female)

Western Slaty Ant Shrike (male)

Wedge Billed Woodcreeper

Wattled Jacana

Violet Headed Hummingbird

Violet Crowned Woodnymph

Violet Bellied Hummingbird

Violaceous Trogan

Turkey Vultures

Tropical Mockingbird

Tropical Screech Owls

Tropical Kingbird

Tody Motmot

Swallow Tailed Kites

Thick Billed Euphonia

Stripe Throated Hermit

Streaked Saltator

Streaked Flycatcher

Streak Chested Antpitta

Squirrel Cuckoo

Spotted Antbird (female)

Spotted Antbird (male)

Spot Crowned Ant Verio (male)

Spot Crowned Ant Vireo (female)

Spectacled Owl

Social Flycatcher

Southern Lapwing

Southern Bentbill

Southern Rough Winged Swallow

Snowy Bellied Hummingbird

Smooth Billed Ani

Slaty Tailed Trogon

Silver Throated Tanager

Short Tailed Hawk

Shining Honeycreeper

Scarlet Rumped Cacique

Scaled Pigeon

Rufous Tailed Hummingbird

Rufous Motmot

Rufous Crested Coquette (female)

Rufous Capped Warbler

Rufescent Tiger Heron

Ruddy Ground Dove

Ruddy Breasted Seedeater

Ringed Kingfisher

Red Legged Honeycreeper (juvenile male)

Red Legged Honeycreeper (female)

Red Crowned Ant Tanager

Red Crowned Woodpecker

Red Capped Mannakin

Purple Throated Fruitcrow

Plumbeous Kite

Plain Xenops

Plain Brown Woodcreeper

Pearl Kite

Panama Flycatcher

Paltry Tyrannulet

Palm Tanager

Pale Vented Pigeon

Pale Vented Thrush

Orange Chinned Parakeet

Orange Billed Sparrow

Orange Bellied Trogan

Ocellated Antbird

Masked Tityra

Magnificent Frigatebird

Lesser Goldfinch

Little Tinamou

Lineated Woodpecker

Lesser Nighthawk

Least Sandpipers

Keel Billed Toucan

Jet Antbird

House Wren

Grey Headed Tanager

Grey Headed Chacacala

Grey Hawk

Grey Capped Flycatcher

Grey Breasted Martin

Green Kingfisher

Green Honeycreeper (male)

Green Honeycreeper (female)

Greater Ani

Great Tailed Grackle

Great Antshrike (female)

Great Jacamars

Golden Hooded Tanager

Golden Crowned Spadebill

Golden Collared Mannakin

Fulvous Vented Euphonia

Flycatcher Sp.

Dot Winged Antwren

Fasciated Antshrike

Double Toothed Kite

Crimson Crested Woodpecker

Crimson Backed Tanager

Crested Oropendola (displaying)

Common Tody Flycatcher

Common Bush Tanager

Collared Aracari

Cocoa Woodcreeper

Clay Coloured Robin

Cinnamon Becard

Chestnut Mandibled Toucan

Brown Pelicans

Broad Billed Motmot

Blue Throated Toucanets

Blue & Grey Tanager

Blue Dacnis

Blue Crowned Motmots

Blue Continga (female)

Blue Chested Hummingbird

Blue & White Swallow

Black Vultures at a dead Possum

Black Vulture with a Zone Tailed Hawk

Black Throated Trogon

Black Striped Sparrow

Black Striped Woodcreeper

Black Headed Saltator

Black Chested Jay

Black Cheeked Woodpecker

Black Breasted Puffbird

Bicoloured Antbird

Bay Wren

Barred Antshrike (female)

Barred Antshrike (male)

Barred Woodcreeper


Three Toed Sloth

Two Toed Sloth

White Nose Coati


Large Striped Basilisk

Green Tree Iguana

Brown Howler

Speckled Caymen


Sunset from the Canopy Tower