Thursday, 8 July 2010

8th July, 2010 Ashdown Forest

Went with Doreen to the Ashdown Forest and first visited Old Lodge N. R. and walked to the Acid Pools and back and we then visited the area behind Smugglers car park to look for Silver Studded Blues without success. At Old Lodge we saw the following: 2 Emperor Dragonflies, 1 male Keeled Skimmer, 4 Four Spotted Chasers, 1 male Broad Bodied Chaser, 1 Golden Ringed Dragonfly, 8 Small Red Damselflies, 1 Large Red Damselfly and good numbers of Common Blue Damselflies. Butterflies seen: Good numbers of Small Skippers, 3 Large Skippers, 8 Small Heath, 1 Dark Green Frit. and 1 Brimstone on the journey. 2 Juvenile Redstarts & 2 Redpolls also seen.

View taken at Old Lodge N. R.

Horses at Old Lodge N.R.

Doreen photographing

Golden Ringed Dragonfly

male Keeled Skimmer

male Broad Bodied Chaser

male Four-spotted Chaser

male Four-spotted Chaser

female Four-spotted Chaser

View taken behind Smugglers car park.