Wednesday, 23 June 2010

23rd June, 2010 Beachy Head

Visited Beachy this morning with Doreen. Very few birds seen, but some nice orchids and butterflies: 40 Bee Orchids including pale varieties, Pyramidal orchids and 1 Lizard Orchard. Butterflies seen included 2 Dark Green Fritilliaries, both Large and Small Skippers, 1 Dingy Skipper, 1 Painted Lady also Meadow Browns etc.

Old Belle Tout Lighthouse & the Bee Orchid field.

Doreen photographing the Lizard Orchid.

Bee Orchids

Pyramidal Orchid

Pale and normal Bee Orchids.

Lizard Orchid

Burnet Moth

Painted Lady

Speckled Wood

Large Skipper

Small Skipper