Saturday, 19 June 2010

19th June, 2010 Burton Mill Pond & Kithurst Hill

Went out with Doreen, Terry & David. We first visited Burton Mill Pond and walked the forest trail to Chingford Pond and back, we then drove to Kithurst Hill.
Following orchids were seen: Good numbers of Southern Marsh Orchids at Burton Mill. Spotted Orchids, & 1 Musk Orchid at Kithurst also a few Twayblades and 1 Pyramidal Orchid.
Also several Meadow Browns, 2 Small Blues & 3 Large Skippers all at Kithurst.
Birds seen: 2 Red Kites and several Common Buzzards from Burton Mill and heard Cuckoo and Reed Warbler.

View of Burton Mill Pond.

Old Chestnut Trees, maybe the oldest tress in Sussex.

View of Chingford Pond.

Southern Marsh Orchids.

Doreen photographing the Southern Marsh Orchids.

Terry Photographing the Southern Marsh Orchids.


Musk Orchid

David photographing the Musk Orchid,

Doreen & Terry looking at the Spotted Orchids.

Spotted Orchids.

Large Skipper.