Sunday, 7 February 2010

7th February 2010 Burton Mill Pond, Coates Common & Arundel

First visited Burton Mill Pond with David & Doreen as a Lesser Scaup had been reported yesterday. Needless to say it proved to be a Aythya hybrid with a reddish head!! We also saw 1 Kingfisher, 4 Mandarin Ducks, & 1 Little Egret.
Moved onto Coates Common where we had some nice views of a single Woodlark, also 1 Common Buzzard. Then onto Arundel, no sign of any Hawfinches but 1 Tree Creeper and 43 Bewick's Swans.

Coates Common.

View of Arundel Castle with the flock of Bewick's Swans.

Woodlark on Coates Common (DC)

Aythya hybrid on Burton Mill Pond. (DC)

Bewick's Swans at Burpham